Value proposition GIC (Global International Consulting) provides

Let us introduce who GIC is and what value GIC can provide so that small and medium-sized enterprise (hereinafter refer to as “Clients”) all over the world may have easy access and quick time to Japan market.

Who GIC is (Vision and Partners)

GIC comprises from more than 10 partners who have high expertise and profession, commonly accredited by Japanese Government as management consultant for Clients. This accredited consultant is generally called “Chuusho Kigyo Shindanshi (hereinafter refer to as “CKS”)”, of which annual number of qualifications are 800 to 900 out of around 20,000 examinees. We as Partners have certain level of knowledge and know-how on Management, Economics, Business Law, Financial Analysis, IT, Factory and Shop Operation, and Government policy for Clients. GIC has been initiated by JPC (Japan Productivity Center whose intensive course for CKS we, partners, graduated from. Our vision is quite clear and simple, which is “No matter how much size of business we provide easy access and quick time to Japan market with high quality of service and reasonable consulting fee”.

Diversified expertise GIC can serve

Let us list up various needs Clients may have at entry to Japan market.

Market Research, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Business, Cross Culture Workshop, Human Resource Development, Tourism, Exhibition, Management Know How, Credit Control, Production Risk Management, Project Management, Publicity, Web Management, Supply Chain Build up, Agriculture & Livestock, Documentation for Trade & Contract, Leverage of Institutional Assistance and so on

These are the expertise that Partners of GIC have as profession. GIC is good at organizing these expertises so that Clients’ business perspective in Japan can be materialized effectively.

Our marketing domain is;

To Whom               to Clients who are not familiar with Japan Market but wish to develop own business in Japan

What                    Appropriate quick access to Japan market and sustainable business strategy after entry

How                     By mining and organizing intellectual asset of all GIC partners well through dialogues and PDCA process with Clients

Our strength;

We don’t care the size of business and short lead time to delivery. It’s no need for Clients to wear formal suits to visit us. They can visit us free hand with casual wear such as jeans.

Value Proposition GIC leads

Let us show our typical value proposition in several cases so that Clients may have practical idea on what to consult with us.

Case 1


Private mission in certain industry visiting Japan wants to know successful model of their business in Japan.

(Our value)

Not only arrange the tour to the related industry in Japan but also provide successful key factor from management consultant point of view.

Case 2


Need help for recruiting and human resource development

(Our value)

We can serve as if we are human resource department in your company unless until your office will establish self-governance in Japan.

Case 3


Need help to plan and do business strategy in Japan and check the result

(Our value)

We start with setting up marketing strategy (including targeting market, positioning, promotion and web marketing) and establish sustainable business model in Japan through PDCA process.

Case 4


Delivery of training and consulting service to your local affricates in Japan on behalf of you.

(Our value)

All of us have well established with the management knowledge and practices beyond MBA level. Thus, we fully understand any management frameworks and contents instantly to deliver in Japanese. We work as a local associate under your corporate name.


We hope this will give you some idea to step in Japan market and contact us even though your interest is still  windows shopping type of interest.

Thank you for your reading till the end and see you soon.



Toshinao Muto